Looking for the right computer hardware?

Are you looking for the right computer parts and do you want to learn how the computer does its amazing job? Then read on!

Computer parts
A computer has very different parts.  Lets start with the Processor. The hart of the computer is the central processing unit (CPU or processor). This processor calculates everything what is happening on your computer and is responsible for the speed of your computer. The processor gets some help from the memory (also called RAM). The memory saves all data which the computer uses at that moment in a temporary space. This space is different from a hard disk drive (HDD), where the data is stored as long as a computer-user likes it.  The hard disk drive has a rotating disk, where all data is stored. In the newer computers you can find a Solid State Disk. (SSD) In a SSD the data is stored digital without the use of a rotating disk. A Solid State Disk is likely to be five times faster then a hard disk drive.

Computer Store
In many cities you can find a computer repair shop or a computer store. In this modern age we are very likely to forget that you can find a shop in you local area. For the people who like the online experience of exploring the possibilities with computers there are online computer shops.

Buy an Computer Online
Boerefijn Technology sells computers in the Netherlands and ships them all over Europe. They build Fast Computers which are used in homes and offices.